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General Engineering Solutions You Can Count On

When looking for a general engineering contractor to handle your construction project, choose only the services of Atlas Peak Construction. We have years of experience and knowledge from working in the industry, improving our services constantly while addressing the needs of clients.

How We Can Help You


We specialize in general engineering construction services that include site work preparation, all aspects of earthmoving, underground utilities (wet and dry), paving, and excavation.


At the conception of a project, we provide pre-construction budgets to our clients to help determine the cost associated with the site work portion of their projects.

Value Engineering

Before the beginning and during the construction process, we provide value engineering to clients. The preconstruction budgeting and value engineering prove to be a lucrative service to our clients, reducing overall costs and assisting in keeping the project within your budget. In return, we retain clients and receive numerous referrals.

Talk to Us Today

If you have questions about our services, reach out to us today. We would be happy to address all your concerns promptly.